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Video Blogging

I've created my video blogs to share my passion for photography and offer some insight as to how I go about capturing my work. I love the emotion of photography and how a touch of creativity, coupled with some technical knowledge can help a strong, visual story emerge. 

If these 'Vlogs' provide you with a little inspiration along with some tips and entertainment then I'd love for you to SUBSCRIBE to the Youtube channel and share the links with your friends so that more people can come along on each adventure.

Furthermore, if you've got any questions or feedback on the videos then please feel free to contribute via the Comments section on Youtube.

Latest Edition

Winter in tropical North Queensland is just sensational! Crisp nights, warm days in the mid-20's and breathtaking landscapes make for some beautiful days of exploring with camera in-hand.

In this vlog I'm playing with the approach of stitching together several images in portrait orientation to make a single panoramic image, whilst wandering through serene Mossman Gorge.

Vlog #1

Some of my earliest memories as a child growing up in rural Australia are of shearing time, so what better place to jump into the world of vlogging than back where I grew up, just outside the tiny town of Deepwater in northern New South Wales.

In this episode I'll be looking to capture all the action of a day in the shearing shed through the medium of photography. My primary goal is to produce a set of images that not only honour the current owners of 'Yarramundi', but the many generations of wool growers and shearers here in Australia.

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Vlog #2

I love returning to places I've already photographed several time before - especially with landscape images as the weather can dictate what type of images you capture. In this episode, I spend the afternoon playing around with some long exposure shots out at Brighton, QLD.

Vlog #3

This time around I'm back at another of my favourite locations to shoot; Yamba, New South Wales. Even after the countless times I've visited this little gem, I still left with something a bit different thanks to the weather, mixed in with a beautiful sunrise.

The impromptu theme of the morning was; how to get creative with varying shutter speeds to convey the feelings and emotions you get from the environment around you.

It's easy to get comfortable and premeditated with the skills we have, which can often cut off a genuine connection to what we're trying photograph.

This episode offers some insight as to how we can connect some technical photography knowledge with the story we're trying to tell.

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