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Since 1891, there has been something extraordinary in the ordinary people who have walked through the gates of St Joseph's Nudgee College. Generation after generation, it has been through the lives and stories of those with a connection to Nudgee College that has forged an indelible spirit.

Curated by Brody Grogan, Reflections: Celebrating 130 Years of St Joseph's Nudgee College, One Story At A Time is a commemoration and admiration for the stories of those who represent the wider College community in 2021.

This collection of portraits and stories, celebrates the diversity of past, present and future Nudgee College community members.

Maggie Shaw

"And to think that my time at Nudgee nearly didn't happen. It was 1962. I was in my early 30's with 3 young children and the wider social acceptance was that women would forgo a career and stay at home to raise their family. So when the opportunity arose to do some part-time typing for one of the Brothers, I was somewhat bucking the trend".

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